KSS is committed to a continuous effort of preventing unintentional workplace injuries by providing knowledge and resources which enable our project teams to be engaged, measure progress, and reduce risks. Adherence to EM 385-1-1 and OSHA CFR 1926 by all participating personnel during the execution of the projects is the responsibility of our on-site safety officers. We take special pride in our comprehensive safety program led by Safety Director, Mike Taylor. Under his guidance and leadership, the environmental, safety, and health obligations are carried out by every member of our team. All team members have full authority to stop work if imminent danger/serious unsafe/unhealthful conditions or practices exist in the performance of any work.

Our strong safety culture is achieved through management commitment and employee involvement, and through the ownership of safety by every member of the team. Every project requires the development of an Accident Prevention Plan (APP), Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA), site-specific safety plan, and the Pre-Task Planner (PTP). The PTP is prepared by the team on a weekly basis. Safety audits are conducted to assess the degree of compliance with all applicable safety regulatory requirements and the KOMAN Safety Program. Routine safety audits are conducted at project sites to ensure full safety compliance, adequate staffing, and safety coverage, personnel competency and training, and properly maintained equipment and tools. Every member of our team undergoes the mandatory OSHA-30 hour construction course every 3 years and CPR/FA/AED course every 2 years. Our employees undergo various continuing education courses for environmental, safety, and health to maintain competency. The team is dedicated to approaching site safety as a real and heavily emphasized component on every project.

KSS has an EMR of .75.